Before he was a legend…Before he was a president…Teddy Roosevelt tamed a wild land…

In 1884, a Harvard-educated legislator from New York set off for Dakota Territory. Staggered by the deaths of his mother and wife, on the same tragic night, Teddy Roosevelt was returning to a place he had visited the year before, a place that had struck him with its fierce beauty and its bounty of big game and big opportunity. By the Little Missouri River, Teddy Roosevelt established a ranching empire, and soon stood at the center of a storm….

Less than a decade after an Indian rebellion and the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Dakota was being settled by the brave, the ambitious, and the restless. While some men were grabbing power, some were getting away with murder. For Roosevelt, using local cowboys and transplanted Easterners as his ranch hands, this was a place to make his mark, to make a stand and to look a killer in the eye. And this was a time to bring wild Dakota into the heart of America…



The cattle trail from Texas to Kansas was long, hot, and dangerous. And by the time cowboys got there, they had money and means to make a boomtown explode – and make Dodge City a great place to be a defense attorney…as long as you weren’t looking for an innocent man.

Harry Gryden believes in the kind of justice that only happens in a courtroom. In Dodge, it’s his job to make sure that the accused get a fair trial. But Harry is a little too good at what he does. And with the Masterson brothers, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday laying down their own brand of law, being a courtroom legend is turning Harry into the rarest of Dodge City men; one who doesn’t carry a gun, but is in a fight for his life…

"Matt Braun has a genius for taking real characters out of the Old West and giving them flesh and immediacy."

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